Why Should Hairdressing Foil Roll be Used for Perm?

1. Aluminium foil wraps can be used for food

Aluminum foil wrap is usually used for food (such as aluminum foil wrap plates) in daily life. It is used to wrap bean sprouts, potatoes and sweet potatoes for barbecue to avoid them from burning. Sometimes it is used for decoration. Modern aluminum foil wrap is made of aluminum. It can also be used as an aluminum electrode for electrolysis. Some hairdressers perm guests' hair with aluminum foil wrap. Some people also use aluminum foil wrap to absorb the oil in the soup. Aluminum foil paper is also widely used as an isolation layer, in heat exchange, and as an electric conductor.

2. Hairdressing foil roll can also be used in perm?

Because of the amazing discovery of aluminum foil wrap, many things in our life have become simple and convenient. Hairdressers use hairdressing foil rolls for many reasons.

1) The hairdressing foil roll enables us to place colors more accurately and creatively during service. 

2) During the development process, the hairdressing foil roll helps to maintain the heat, so that the bleach can be lifted better and more evenly throughout the lifting process. 

3) When doing highlights, the hairdressing foil roll can separate the colors and act as a barrier so that the colors do not leak or transfer to each other or naturally undyed hair. 

4) The hairdressing foil roll also ensures that the color remains wet and prevents the color from drying, resulting in uniform color.

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