Tips for Bleaching Hair with Hairdressing Foil Roll

1. Bleaching hair often uses hairdressing foil roll

For people with dark hair, bleaching is the only way to dye hair without that the hair becomes orange. After bleaching, you can choose to add color or leave it as it is. Bleaching also has the following advantages: the hair becomes more porous, making the hair dye easier to hold. After bleaching, make sure to take care of your hair to avoid fiber damage and brittleness. In the bleaching process, we often use things like hairdressing foil rolls, so we must pay attention to the following points when using them.

2. Precautions for bleaching hair with hairdressing foil roll

If you want to bleach all of your long hair, you should use hairdressing foil rolls to separate it into one area at the back of the shoulder. It cannot be piled up in one area. The back part is divided into three areas: First, use a hairdressing foil roll to separate the area under the occipital bone; the bone beam area is separated by a hairdressing foil roll, and then set a hairdressing foil roll at the golden point. Three hairdressing foil rolls are placed to separate the hair areas.

Separating with hairdressing foil rolls is to avoid too much bleaching powder piled together to generate high temperature. Too much bleaching powder and hydrogen peroxide will generate high temperature, which will accelerate the partial fading ability of bleaching powder. It will make the hair bleached out by the bleaching powder with uneven color.

Pay attention to the difference in hair quality and temperature. Usually the hairline on the front of the girl's face has a lot of soft hair. When applying the bleaching powder, it's best to leave it until the end. If it is bleached directly, the hair will be very thick under the front bangs or at the corners. If it is soft, it will be easily bleached, so these hairs should be kept until the end to soften them. Make the temperature of the whole hair as even as possible. Don't make it uneven. What if it is uneven? You can use hairdressing foil roll to separate it.

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