The Use of Aluminum Foil in Life

1. The definition of aluminum foil

A film-like metallic paper, like silver, mostly silver-white, is actually aluminum foil. Aluminum foil is also called tin foil. It is a kind of thin sheet with thickness less than 0.2mm processed by aluminum foil rolling mill. It is mainly used for cooking in kitchen, holding food, or making some simple and clean materials. Thousands of tons of aluminum foil are used around the world to protect and package food, cosmetics and chemicals.

2. Common uses of aluminum foil

(1) Aluminum foil container

Aluminium foil containers have always been one of the most effective and economical ways to package food in takeaway and pre-packaging applications. Aluminum foil containers can be used at various temperatures and are suitable for a variety of food processing applications. They can improve the freshness of food and extend the shelf life without absorbing water or grease. The user can complete a series of steps such as cooking, freezing, transportation and supply in a simple, safe and convenient aluminum foil container.

(2) Aluminum foil for hairdressing

Girls who love beauty may have seen aluminum foil for hairdressing in the barbershop. Aluminum foil is now widely used in the hairdressing industry. The most common ones are hairdressing foil roll and aluminum foil for hair colour. The hair stylist uses aluminum foil to wrap the hair that has been applied with hair dye and ointment. The hair is heated by the electric light, which has a better heat transfer effect. Aluminum foil for hair colour can avoid hair damage. The color is perfect, bright and uniform, and does not fade. Strong, soft and elastic thin materials can be made into hairdressing foil roll or sheets; aluminum foil for hair can be embossed or printed in different forms and colors, and users can also choose according to their needs.

(3) Aluminum foil for oil absorption

Roll the aluminum foil into a ball and open it to absorb the oil in the soup. The principle is that in the process of crumpling the aluminum foil paper, the surface tension of the aluminum foil paper will be amplified.

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