The Role and Use of Aluminum Foil Wrapping Paper

1. The role of aluminium foil wrapping paper

Aluminium foil wrapping paper uses the metal's heat conduction function to grill food and help heat energy to be evenly distributed into the food. However, the front and back sides of the aluminum foil paper are different. The light reflection principle is used on the bright surface to isolate heat radiation, just like a car sun visor. On the matte surface, heat absorption is used, like when meat is usually roasted, aluminum foil is used to speed up the cooking time of the food. There is a distance from the heat source when roasting, it is heat radiation, so using a bright surface will reflect the heat back. When grilling, you must use the fog side outwards, and the bright side outwards when insulating.

2. The magical effect of aluminium foil wrapping paper

2.1 Knead the used aluminium foil wrapping paper into a small ball and throw it into the drain hole of the sink. The aluminium foil wrapping paper ball will collide with the drain hole after washing with water to produce metal ions. The drain hole is not easy to stick to the greasy food waste and has the function of deodorizing.

2.2 The aluminum foil warp kneaded into a small ball will have many ridges and corners, which can produce a scraping effect like sandpaper. At this time, it can be used to scrape the peels of potatoes, burdock, ginger, etc. You don't have to worry about peeling too much, and the details are easy to peel, making it a safe peeler.

2.3 Aluminium foil wrapping paper can also be used to replace the cleaning cloth to scrape the scorched part of the bottom of the pot. However, if the stainless steel pot is used at home, avoid this method, which is easy to scratch.

2.4 When the weather is cold, the drain pipe is easy to freeze and the water cannot come out. At this time, the water pipe can be wrapped with aluminium foil wrapping paper, which can isolate the frozen air and prevent the water pipe from freezing.

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