The Relationship Between Aluminum Foil and Health

Aluminum foil is a common material in our lives. Modern people pay more and more attention to health. Have you thought about the relationship between aluminum foil and health?

1. Aluminum foil protects our food

Aluminum foil is an indispensable member of our kitchen: it provides effective protection for food and prevents light, oxygen, moisture and bacteria. Compared with other packaging materials film or baking paper, aluminium foil containers are called "absolute barrier." Due to its characteristics, aluminum foil prolongs the shelf life of food, thus making a significant contribution to avoiding food waste. For this reason, food-grade aluminum foil is also often used as one of many components in composite packaging systems. For example, we are familiar with the materials used to package UHT milk. It not only reduces food waste, but also extends the shelf life of food. The food we store with food-grade aluminum foil is always healthier than the food stored without food-grade aluminum foil. From this perspective, the relationship between aluminum foil and health is clear, and aluminium foil good for health should be promoted.

2. Aluminum intake with aluminum foil

Aluminum is all around us: we ingest it every day. As the third most abundant element in the earth's crust, it has also entered food crops and our drinking water supply, which is a natural component of many foods we consume, such as tea, salad or chocolate.

However, according to current scientific research, aluminum intake does not cause health hazards to ordinary healthy consumers: according to the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA), from a physiological point of view, it is safe to consume one milligram of aluminum per kilogram of body weight. For people weighing 70 kg, the limit for aluminum is 70 mg per week. A person with healthy kidneys quickly eliminates 99.9% of aluminum through the kidneys.

However, acid or salt, for example from sliced apples, pickled cucumbers, cheese or sausage meat, can release aluminum ions from the foil, and these may migrate to the food. The manufacturer clearly pointed out this aspect on the packaging. The purpose of this is to ensure that the migration limit of 5 mg per kilogram of food set by the Council of Europe as a preventive measure is not exceeded. Therefore, as long as we follow certain rules, we can say that aluminum foil is good for health.

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