The Importance of Food-grade Aluminum Foil in Baking

1. Introduction of food grade aluminum foil

Food grade aluminum foil is a thin sheet with a thickness of less than 0.2mm processed by an aluminum foil rolling mill, and is mainly used for cooking and holding food in the kitchen. We often use many materials and props to assist in baking. Among them, food-grade aluminum foil is more commonly used. Let's talk about the importance of food-grade aluminum foil in baking.

2. The importance of food-grade aluminum foil in baking

1) Prevent the cake from being too dark

When baking a cake, sometimes we find that the color of the cake starts to color soon after baking, and there are signs of intensification. At this time, we must be worried about whether the cake will turn into a dark appearance.

The solution is to cover the mold with a piece of food grade aluminum foil equal in size to the mold, taking care not to touch the cake surface (you can put the baking net on the mold first, and then put the tin foil)

Since food-grade aluminum foil has a strong heat insulation and heat absorption effect, it is not afraid of baking the surface of the cake after covering it with food-grade aluminum foil.

2) Water bath method to prevent moisture

A water bath method is used when making cheesecake, the purpose is to make the cake more moist and tasteful. If it is a live bottom mold, you need to wrap the bottom of the mold with food-grade aluminum foil to prevent the infiltration of moisture during baking, which will lead to the formation of a "pudding layer" at the bottom of the cake and the leakage of batter.

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