The Development Trend of Aluminum Foil Industry in China

In the award ceremony of the 2018 "China Aluminum Foil Innovation Award", the Director-General of the European Aluminum Foil Association Quito Afferdkam said that he appreciated for China's current emphasis on the application of aluminum foil. He said that at present, the application of aluminum foil in various fields in Europe is very extensive. He called on not only Europe, China, but also the world to attach importance to and promote the application of aluminum foil.

China's aluminum foil industry has laid a good foundation in the past 10 years. In the future development, China's aluminum foil industry will rise to a new level through the adjustment of industry structure, product structure and technical structure, and China will become the world's major aluminium foil manufacturer, the base of aluminum foil manufacturers and export power.

In the next few years, several large aluminum foil manufacturers will develop into a grouping direction through vertical alliances with upstream coal, electricity, aluminum companies and research institutions, or through horizontal alliances between enterprises. It will rely on the advantages of multi-variety production and the development of new products and new markets to create scale competition and brand competitive advantages, thereby enhancing the international competitiveness and anti-risk ability of China's aluminum foil production, and guiding the healthy development of the industry. A group of small and medium aluminium foil producers and aluminum foil manufacturers will use advanced equipment to become specialized aluminum foil manufacturers. For example, the professional manufacturer of air-conditioning foil, double zero foil and so on. The two-high rolling mill will be gradually eliminated, and the total number of enterprises will be reduced from more than 90 to less than 40.

Economic development will encourage enterprises of various backgrounds to participate in market competition, and the development of enterprises will be more diversified. Sino-foreign joint ventures will become the main mode of aluminum foil production in China. Foreign capital will play an important role in the process of industry asset reorganization and integration. And through capital penetration, it will promote the integration of domestic and foreign management and talents, and eventually the operation of China's aluminum foil industry will develop in a more standardized and scientific direction. The progress of Chinese aluminum foil enterprises will also be synchronized with the development of the global aluminum foil market and the development of potential demand.

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