Taking-Away Food Tray

Taking-away bagasse food trays are designed for the fast-food stores and these people who don't have time to eat in the restaurants. Taking-away bagasse food trays are with lids, and several divisions inside, so that you can pack different food and fruits well, and easily take away once finished; they are made from the compostable materials, sugarcane.

Applications of Taking-Away Food Tray

  • Party & Hotel;

  • Schools & hospitals;

  • Fast food stores;

  • Restaurant caters;

The Specification of Taking-Away Food Tray

Products Name

Taking-away food trays

Raw Material



Round, Rectangle, Square, Oval;


Nature & White


FREE samples




FDA/SGS/EN 13432:2000-12


OPP bags

FOB Port

Ningbo & Qingdao

Delivery Time

25-30 days

Production Capacity

30 X 40HQ /Month

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