Cling Film

Cling Film

Cling Film is a thin transparent plastic film that adheres to surfaces and is self-sealing. It is commonly used as a quick, economic, and hygienic way to wrap and protect food. Our Cling Film is ideally used in freezers, refrigerators, microwave oven, etc. It also helps to keep the flavor, freshness, and taste of food intact without mixing odors, meaning while Cling Film is useful for protection against dust, moisture, fungus, and has high transparency which gives a healthy look to packaged food.

Cling Film Is Widely Used

  • For Packaging
    For Packaging

    Cling Film is the preferred choice for industry professionals. They can keep the food and vegetables and food fresher in our daily lives;

  • For Storing
    For Storing

    Cling film can help us to store food much longer, also keep locking odors, in our lives, our cling film packed with cutter box with a plastic holder inside, which is suitable for most market segments;

  • For Cooking
    For Cooking

    Cling Film with premium quality, and extra strength & stretch, our original PVC foodservice film wrap in the traditional cutter box style continues to be a favorite option for the client.

Cling Film List

Features of Cling Film

  • Great for preservation: Cling Film is ideal for use in fridges and freezes, sealing in freshness and flavor, keeping out odors, stretching, and clinging without splitting.

  • Widely applications: Our original PVC foodservice film wrap in the traditional cutter box style continues to be a favorite option for the customers, and offered different packaging which is suitable for all your applications, available in standard width sizes 30cm, 38cm, 45cm can also be customized sizes.

Cling Film FAQs

  • What kinds of cling film you produced?

    We can produce the PE & PVC cling film for food packaging.

  • Can we have different color cling film?

    Yes, we can produce these cling film  with color printing according to customer's requirements.

  • What kinds of packaging you can offer for these cling film?

    OPP bags packaging, color box packaging, also customized packaging are all workable in our plants.

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