Aluminum Foil Sheet

Aluminum Foil Sheet

Aluminum pop-up foil sheets are used for food & hairdressing, interfolded foil sheets with embossed, which is more convenient, and efficient as it is pre-cut already; Shisha/Hookah foil sheets with various and different shapes are all workable, with holes or without holes as per requirements.

Aluminum Foil Sheet Is Widely Used

  • For Wrapping
    For Wrapping

    Wrapping food maintains freshness and provides protection when out of the home.

  • For Cooking
    For Cooking

    Use as a complete wrap, allowing food to cook in its own juices, or simply as a cover to prevent splatters or over-browning.

  • For Storing
    For Storing

    Foil Helps to keep food fresh and lock in odors.

Aluminum Foil Sheets List

Features of Aluminum Foil Sheets

  • Great for preservation: Aluminum Foil Sheets are ideal for preserving food, baking, grilling, and other foodservice applications

  • High Quality: Aluminum Foil Sheets are moisture-proof, grease-proof, and odor-proof. It is great for food preservation applications. It is convenient for hand wrapping and easily stores in the food pre areas

  • Widely applications: Aluminum Foil Sheets are great for use in delis, sandwich shops, takeout restaurants, cafeterias, and many other areas in foodservice.

Aluminum Foil Sheet FAQs

  • Can we have these aluminum hookah foil sheets with holes on each sheets?

    Yes, we can produce these hookah foil sheets with holes and without holes as per your request.

  • What thickness of aluminum foil use for aluminum pop up foil sheets?

    Usually the aluminum pop up foil sheets thickness will be from 13micron to 18micron;

  • What's the sizes for these pop up foil sheets, can you do customized sizes?

    The popular sizes are 9”*10.75” (228*273mm) & 12”*10.75”(304*273mm),also customized are acceptable;

  • Are aluminum foil rolls eco-friendly?

    Yes, aluminum foil can be 100% recycled,every countered recycling program may different,so be sure to check if aluminum foil is accepted by your governments or recycling provider; 

  • What thickness of aluminum foil use for aluminum hookah foil sheets?

    Usually the aluminum hookah foil sheets thickness will be from 18 micron to 35micron.

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