Aluminum Foil Roll

Aluminum Foil Roll

Aluminum foil rolls are popularly used for lining baking pans, which is easy for clean-up; for freezing meats, which can prevent frost and have better-freezing effect than freezer bags; for catching oven spills, which van be placed under the baking pan to catch spills; for roasting turkey, which can prevent splatters when roasting juicy, tender turkey.

Aluminum Foil Rolls Are Widely Used

  • For Wrapping
    For Wrapping

    Wrapping food maintains freshness and provides protection when out of the home.

  • For Cooking
    For Cooking

    Use as a complete wrap, allowing food to cook in its own juices, or simply as a cover to prevent splatters or over-browning.

  • For Storing
    For Storing

    Foil Helps to keep food fresh and lock in odours.

Aluminum Foil Roll List

Features of Aluminum Foil Roll

  • Henan Tiancheng Metal Materials Co., Ltd. aluminum foil are engineered with the aim of delivering high levels of performance, this product is ideal for preserving food, baking, grilling, and other foodservice applications;

  • Great for preservation: aluminum foil roll is moisture-proof, grease-proof, and odor-proof. It is great for food preservation applications. It is convenient for hand wrapping and easily stores in the food pre areas;

  • High Quality: Aluminum foil roll can be shaped into any types of food while being able to withstand extreme heat and cold, it is perfect for grilling, roasting or freezer storage;

  • Widely applications: Aluminum Foil Roll is great for use in delis, sandwich shops, takeout restaurants, cafeterias, and many other areas in foodservice.

Aluminum Foil Roll-Specifications Sheets

25 SQFT x 12in x 10miccolored box24 roll/ctn
37.5 SQFT x 18in x 10miccolored box24 roll/ctn
75 SQFT x 12in x 10miccolored box24 roll/ctn
200 SQFT x 12in x 12mixcolored box12 roll/ctn
15m x 300mm x 10miccolored box24 roll/ctn
20m x 300mm x 10miccolored box24 roll/ctn
30m x 300mm x 12miccolored box24 roll/ctn
100m x 300mm x 14miccolored box12 rolls/ctn
150m x 300mm x 15miccolored box6 rolls/ctn
300m x 300mm x 18miccolored box6 rolls/ctn
10m x 450mm x 10miccolored box24 rolls/ctn
12m x 450mm x 10miccolored box24 rolls/ctn
75m x 450mm x 12miccolored box12 rolls/ctn
90m x 450mm x 12miccolored box12 rolls/ctn
150m x 450mm x 14miccolored box6 rolls/ctn
300m x 450mm x 15miccolored box6 rolls/ctn

Aluminum Foil Rolls FAQs

  • What thickness of aluminum foil does Tiancheng carry?

    TC aluminum foil thickness is from 9 mics to 150 mics, this thickness can be well covered of aluminum foil rolls & aluminum foil containers used.

  • What side of the foil should I use, shiny or dull?

    With standard and aluminum foil roll, it's perfectly fine to place your food on either side so you can decide if you prefer to have the shiny or dull side facing out.

  • Are aluminum foil rolls eco-friendly?

    Yes, aluminum foil can be 100% recycled,every countered recycling program may different,so be sure to check if aluminum foil is accepted by your governments or recycling provider.

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