Aluminium Foil Tray & Pan

Aluminium Foil Tray & Pan

Aluminum Foil containers are the most versatile packaging solutions available in today's market. It combines the features needed to process, conserve, and deliver quickly accessed food products. We believe in Hygiene for food at every step, therefore, we bring to you varieties types and sizes of Aluminium foil containers to meet the growing needs.

Aluminum Foil Tray & Pan Is Widely Used

  • For Wrapping
    For Wrapping

    Aluminum foil container is popularly used for food packaging, such as Freezer-to-oven convenience-the only packaging that can withstand extreme temperature changes, aluminum foil containers can go from the freezer to the oven to the table.

  • For Storing
    For Storing

    Aluminum foil pan is widely used for food storing, such as lasagna, chicken nuggets, egg tart, cakes, doughballs and etc. It will keep the food freshness well.

  • For Cooking
    For Cooking

    Aluminum foil tray will be a good choice for your kitchens, use a complete wrapping to make delicious meals with saving more time.

Aluminum Foil Tray & Pan List

Features of Aluminum Foil Tray & Pan

  • Various Types: aluminium foil containers with Various dimensions inclduding large aluminum containers and small aluminum containers, and Made of advanced pollution-free aluminum foil, different Shapes such as round, rectangle, square, ellipse, oval;

  • Widely applications: aluminum foil containers are popularly used for storing, packing, grilling, baking, forming, heating, and freezing. And aluminum foil containers can be used as aluminium takeaway containers, aluminium disposable containersand so on.

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