Nine Uses of PE Cling Film

1. Keep the information

The more important paper materials at home, such as books, and graduation certificates, will easily become oxidized and become brittle after being placed for a long time. Wrap them with PE cling film and smooth the air inside with your hands, and it won't change color for a long time.

2. Protect the keyboard

If the keyboard of a notebook computer does not have a protective film, it is easy to fall into dust or wear. Put the PE cling film tightly on the keyboard to function as a keyboard protective film, which is convenient and easy to use.

3. Isolate dust

When electric fans, microwave ovens and other electrical appliances are not used for a long time, they can be cleaned and wrapped with a layer of PE cling film, which can effectively isolate dust and keep clean. This method can also be used for the preservation of tableware and chopsticks.

4. Protect the wall next to the kitchen stove

When cooking in the kitchen, it is easy to splash and stain the walls. Therefore, you can wipe the wall next to the stove with a damp cloth, and then stick the PE cling film. After a period of time, the PE cling film is dirty, and you can easily remove it and re-attach a new layer of PE cling film, so we don't have to scrub the walls.

5. Convenient for grinding

Some things that need to be ground, such as sesame seeds, are put in PE cling film first, and then placed on a hard surface, rolled with a bottle, and then they can be easily ground into powder.

6. Steam a delicate egg custard

When steaming egg custard, after adding water to the bowl, cover the bowl with a layer of PE cling film and pierce a few small holes with a toothpick so that the steamed egg custard will not have pores, and the surface will be smooth and the taste will be fine.

7. Scrub the glass

After the glass is brushed, there will always be water stains, which make the glass not translucent. Take a piece of clean PE cling film and wrap it on your hands or chopsticks to scrub it, it will be clean and translucent. Similarly, this method can also be used to clean oily plastic lunch boxes.

8. Bathroom slip

Put a piece of PE cling film under the floor mat in the bathroom to prevent slippage.

9. Help the cutting board sterilize

Dilute the bleaching agent to a certain concentration, then wipe it on a cutting board, wrap it with PE cling film and seal it. Rinse with water after being placed for 30 minutes to improve the sterilization effect.

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