Is PE Cling Film Safe to Use?

Nowadays, many people often use cling film in their daily life. As we all know, cling film is also a kind of plastic product. When heated, cling film will release plasticizer, which will penetrate into food. After ingestion, it may be harmful to the human body. Therefore, many people have been worried about the use of plastic wrap. But there are many functions of cling film in life, because it is really needed in some places.

1. Is PE cling film safe to use?            

The cling film of PE material, that is, PE fresh-keeping film, is a cling film that can be in direct contact with food. This PE cling film is relatively safe for the human body. This material is mainly used for food packaging, including semi-finished products purchased in supermarkets. This PE cling  film is widely used. It can wrap fat food. At the same time, it can also be heated in a microwave oven at a temperature of no more than 110 ℃.

2. How to buy safe PE cling film?          

There are generally three ways to buy safe PE cling film, namely "first look, second touch and third fire". "first look": see if it has a product description. If it is marked with PE cling film or polyethylene cling film, it can be used safely; If it doesn't specify the material, try not to buy it.  "Second touch": PE cling film is generally poor in viscosity and transparency. It is easy to open after kneading by hand. "Third fire": after PE cling film is ignited by fire, the flame is yellow. It  will not go out when leaving the fire source, and there is an oil dripping phenomenon and no pungent smell. But some cling wrap will go out after leaving the fire source, and there is a strong pungent smell.

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