Industries Tiancheng Serve

Henan Tiancheng Metal Material Co., Ltd. is a professional aluminum foil manufacturer,suppying various aluminum foil roll, aluminum sheet & coil, etc. Here are the industries we serve:

Aluminum Coils & Sheets

Aluminum coils & sheets are important basic materials for the world's economic development, which is widely used in aviation, aerospace, construction, printing, transportation, electronics, chemical industry, food, medicine, and other industries. Driven by rapid economic development, aluminum coil&sheet’s investment is heating up, the consumption of aluminum coil & sheet continues to maintain stable growth. The demand for exterior wall construction and interior decoration, aluminum foil manufacturing, printing, PS plate, manufacturing, household appliances, food packaging, and other industries has further increased, which has become the main driving force for the growth of aluminum coil&sheet consumption. At the same time, the transportation industry is becoming a new consumption growth point.

Aluminum Foil

With nearly 17 years of experience in the aluminum foil business, Henan Tiancheng Metal Material Co., Ltd. is a privately owned, Chinese manufacturer of aluminum foil roll, aluminum sheet & coil, aluminum foil container, pop-up foil sheets, hairdressing foil, hookah foil and Cling film, Baking Paper, as we are commonly known, is an industry-recognized as the market leader providing a complete line of aluminum foil and complementary accessories of the highest quality.

  • Carry-Out

  • Restaurant, & Catering

  • Cash & Carry

  • Senior & School Continuous Feeding

  • Food Service Distribution

  • Supermarket Supply

  • Hookah Store

  • Beauty Supply