Growth and Sustainable Development of the Aluminum Foil Market is Promoted

The "Fifth Global Aluminum Foil Manufacturers Conference" hosted by the Global Aluminium Foil Roller Initiative (GLAFRI) was held in Dubai on January 23-25, 2019. A total of more than 100 aluminum foil industry professionals from more than 20 countries around the world attended the event, including representatives from 47 major aluminum foil manufacturers in the world, and some invited representatives from suppliers, partners and user units in the aluminum foil industry. During the meeting, the delegates discussed the challenges and opportunities facing the global aluminum foil market. The main topics include the development of the aluminum foil market, the sustainability and recycling of the aluminum foil industry, as well as the application of aluminum foil and the prospects of aluminum foil from the user's perspective.

As a representative of the world's largest aluminum foil producer and consumer country, the leaders of 15 leading aluminum foil roll manufacturers in China attended the meeting. Zhang Jilin, vice chairman and secretary general of China Nonferrous Metal Processing Industry Association, and Lu Jian, director of the Aluminum Industry Department, were invited to attend the conference.

In his speech, Vice Chairman Zhang Jilin stated that since the Fourth Aluminum Foil Conference held in Shanghai, the global economy has seen more unpredictable changes and difficulties. The global aluminum foil industry is also working hard to adapt to these changes and has survived the turmoil. In more than two years, many companies and people in our aluminum foil industry have changed. Fortunately, the global aluminum foil market is still growing. However, the aluminum foil market is also facing new challenges of slowing growth and sustainable development. "On GLAFRI, the global aluminum foil platform, it is our important choice to strengthen information exchange and experience sharing, and promote win-win cooperation! I know that 15 Chinese aluminum foil companies participated in this conference. All of them are China's leading aluminum companies, and they all have a better idea, desire and ability to participate in international cooperation. I hope that in the next two days, through communication with Chinese companies, you can learn more about China's aluminum foil industry and understand the efforts and progress of Chinese aluminum foil participants. This will help increase understanding and promote cooperation. "

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