Is PE Cling Film Safe to Use?

Nowadays, many people often use cling film in their daily life. As we all know, cling film is also a kind of plastic product. When heated, cling film will release plasticizer, which will penetrate int...

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How to Operate When PE Cling Film is Heated?

As we all know, exposing food in the refrigerator is not only easy to produce a peculiar smell, but also harmful to human health. Therefore, many people store food in the refrigerator after sealing wi...

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Why Should Hairdressing Foil Roll be Used for Perm?

1. Aluminium foil wraps can be used for foodAluminum foil wrap is usually used for food (such as aluminum foil wrap plates) in daily life. It is used to wrap bean sprouts, potatoes and sweet potatoes ...

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Why Aluminum Foil Wrapping Paper is Used for Food Packaging?

1. Introduction to aluminum foil wrapping paper Food aluminum foil wrapping paper is a flattened tool made of metal and aluminum, which can be used for cooking and holding food in the kitchen...

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Are You Using Saran Wrap Correctly?

Nowadays, if you have a refrigerator at home, you'll stock with food cling film. Whether they're vegetables, fruits, or leftovers, as long as they're put in the refrigerator, they'll b...

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What Foods Are Suitable for Using Plastic Wrap? Can Plastic Wrap Be Heated?

Food cling film is a commmon kitchen utensil in our home, packaging a variety of food, items and so on. It is often used to prevent food from smelling and spoiling, but can be counterproductive if use...

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A Variety of Wonderful Uses of Food Preservation Film

1. Let us see the food cling filmDo you store these foods with food cling film and then put them in the refrigerator? Just as the name suggests, food preservation film plays a role in keeping food fre...

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Why Are Biodegradable Bowls an Alternative to Plastic Cutlery?

The biodegradable serving bowls are compostable alternative to plastic cutlery, it is the compost which contains no chemicals. And it can break down easily. Besides it has good-looking appearance. Wit...

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