Application Advantages of Food Grade Aluminum Foil

1. Introduction of food-grade aluminum foil

Food grade aluminum foil is a flat metal aluminum product tool that can be used in the kitchen to cook, hold food or make some simple cleaning materials. Aluminum foil has good barrier properties. Food-grade aluminum foil has a very low oxygen transmission rate, which can effectively block the gas in the air. It is used more and more in daily life.

2. Advantages of food-grade aluminum foil

1) Food grade aluminum foil can ensure that the food is isolated from oxygen, water vapor, stains, etc., and can extend the shelf life of packaged cooked food by adding desiccant or deoxidizer.

2) Food-grade aluminum foil can protect the cooked food products in the package from damage caused by extrusion, impact, vibration and external temperature changes.

3) Good adaptability for food-grade aluminum foil printing. It can print exquisite patterns and product information on the packaging. It not only showed consumers the basic information of the product through aluminum foil bags, but also attracted consumers to buy through colorful packaging.

4) The use of food-grade aluminum foil for cooked food products instead of traditional packaging can make it easier for companies to add, load, unload, stack and display products, and it is also convenient for consumers to carry and take.

With the rapid development of the food processing industry, it has greatly promoted the development of the food packaging bag industry. At the same time, it has also promoted the development of food-grade aluminum foil packaging, and aluminum foil packaging bags are more and more widely used in the food processing industry.

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