Aluminum Foil is Also a Magic Flower-growing Vase

1. The general function of aluminum foil

We usually use aluminum foil for barbecue, but would you be surprised if someone tells you that aluminum foil can also be used to grow flowers? Don't be surprised, more surprises are still to come.

2. Aluminum foil paper can be a magic vase of growing flowers

1) Seeding

In winter, if you feel that the light at home is not enough, you want to plant seeds. At this time, aluminum foil paper can be made into a concentrating plate. After that, place the finished concentrating plate where the sun can shine, and then place the flower pot in front of the concentrating plate. In this way, the heat of the sun will be reflected into the flower pot through the concentrating plate. If the flower pot is dark, the effect will be better.

If the temperature drops suddenly, wrap the nursery pot with aluminium foil wrapping sheets. Then put it on the windowsill. The aluminum foil paper will reflect the heat of the sun outside and increase the temperature of the nursery pot, so there is no need to worry about the seedlings being frozen to death. Moreover, after watering, it can also achieve the effect of moisturizing.

2) Deworming

We all know that many insects like to lay eggs on the leaves of plants. Spread aluminum foil on the leaves so that the bugs will lay eggs on the aluminum foil. But after they lay eggs, you must clean up the aluminum foil and leaf surface in time to avoid pests.

3) Cool down

In summer, when the temperature is too high, some flowers will be unbearable. At this time, you can spread aluminum foil around the flowers. In this way, the aluminum foil paper can keep the soil moisture, thereby reducing the temperature of the soil, and can also avoid the growth of weeds.

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