Aluminum Foil and Hairdressing

1. Quality requirements for hairdressing foil roll

Hairdressing foil roll is an ideal choice for hairdressers to perm different hair styles. The product has a neat cut surface, good quick-rolling performance, good toughness and good softness.

Appearance quality of hairdressing foil roll:

The section of the aluminum foil is neat and there are no defects such as tower layer type, loose roll, string layer and bump.

Surface quality of hairdressing foil roll:

  • There are no roll marks, bright spots, black lines, creases, and diagonal lines on the hairdressing foil roll surface.

  • The surface of the hairdressing foil roll is clean and the plate shape is flat.

  • There are no corrosion marks, oil stains, wrinkles and seams on the surface of the hairdressing foil roll.

  • There are no yellow oil spots on the surface of the hairdressing foil roll formed by the burning of lubricating oil.

2. Aluminium foil products in hair dye

In addition to using it on the hair, aluminium foil products can also be used for hair dye packaging.

Generally, chemical agents such as hair dyes are composed of chemical components. If they are stored accidentally in contact with oxygen and moisture in the air, or exposed to long-term sunlight, they are prone to chemical changes and cause deterioration or failure. This type of product is usually packed in a bottle made of opaque material or aluminum tube packaging, and then placed in a paper packaging box for display and sale. In addition to the high overall packaging cost, on the other hand, it takes up space and it is inconvenient to carry.

The special aluminum foil material for hair dye is mainly composed of a polyester film (PET), an aluminum foil (AL), a vacuum electroplating polyester film (V.P.PET) and a polypropylene film (CPP). The various layers of materials are pressed and bonded with an adhesive and a hot press, and are allowed to stand at a certain temperature to dry and set. After the bonding of each layer of material is completed in sections, the whole is instantly heated to a predetermined temperature to obtain a composite molding from outside to inside. The aluminum foil hair dye prepared accordingly is packaged in a two-component integrated left and right isolated package or a single-agent independent package. And they can effectively isolate the adverse effects of light and oxygen and moisture in the air on the contents, providing a good storage environment and ensuring the quality and safety of use.

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