7 Tips for Saran Wrap

Besides wrapping food and tying your arms and legs to lose weight, why use your plastic wrap? Don't bury its potential, don't look at it as just a plastic wrap, with super powerful functions, let's see together.

1. Clean greasy kitchen windows and walls

First, spray the cleaning agent on the oil stains, and then stick the PE cling wrap flatly on it, using the feature of the cling film to preserve water, so that the cleaning agent does not flow and does not evaporate. After 30 minutes, the grease will be soaked, and the PE fresh-keeping film will be removed. Knead the plastic wrap into a ball, wipe it back and forth easily, and wipe it with dry newspaper to make it very clean. You can also wipe it again with a clean cloth.

2. Completely sterilize the cutting board

In the kitchen, dilute with bleach to the specified concentration, wipe it on a cutting board, and then wrap it with plastic wrap and seal it. After standing for 30 minutes, rinse with water to complete the sterilization. Wrapped with PE cling wrap can make the bleaching liquid penetrate into the cracks or recesses on the surface of the cutting board to improve the sterilization effect.

3. Keep the information

Wrap the more important paper materials in the family, such as graduation certificates, with cling film, press away the air forcefully, reduce the volume, and make it difficult to oxidize and turn yellow, and the transparent cling film is easy to find at a glance. You can also roll up individual materials, such as award certificates, collective graduation photos, compactly, stuff them into the core of plastic wrap, and then wrap them with plastic wrap.

4. Convenient grinding

Put things that need to be ground, such as sesame seeds, into plastic wrap, put them on a hard surface, and roll them with a bottle to easily obtain the required powder.

5. Save tableware that you don't use often

Tableware, spoons, and forks that are rarely used in ordinary times can be wrapped in plastic wrap, which does not take up space, but can also be kept clean to prevent shock and damage.

6. Convenient for a picnic

During the picnic, put the food-grade cling wrap on the tableware, take off one by one after eating, which requires no washing and cleaning.

7. Hair care

After shampooing, apply a nourishing hair mask evenly on the hair, avoiding the development of roots, and wrap the hair with plastic wrap, which is more conducive to the absorption of nutrients. After 10 minutes (or according to the time specified in the instructions for the hair mask), the hair will be smooth and shiny.

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